Today, the procedure of piercing of different parts of a body is very popular.

Today, the procedure of piercing of different parts of a body is very popular. 

Our studio also gives an opportunity for piercing. It is notable, that modern piercing has become incredibly varied. It can be typical (piercing of ears, navel and nose), as well as extreme (piercing of genital areas). Lately, various piercing and adorning of face, navel and tongue have become popular.

If you’ve plucked up the courage and decided to visit our studio, previously you would better to go behind all types of piercing, their assignment and peculiarities. You will able to make the right choice, when you get full and true information. Please note, that our artist will always answer your questions and offer a free consultation. 

First, you need to choose the right place for your piercing. Piercing placement should depend only on your desires and visions. It is strongly not recommended to follow new fashion trends or your friends’ opinions. If you still doubt about choosing the right place, our artist will recommend you and help to decide.

Once you choose piercing placement, you need to select the accessories. Selecting it mainly depends on the place of piercing. Note, that the jewellery must be made of surgical steel. It helps to avoid an infection and assist with rapid healing. You don’t have to feel the jewellery on your body and it mustn’t hinder while moving (to minimize the possibility of scraping a ring).

Piercing after-care

Be ready, that you will need a due care of your piercing for the first two months. Mainly, piercing after-care requires the following:

  • Cotton;
  • Spirit;
  • Special ointments.

You have to take the procedures seriously, because the final result and your health depend on that. Piercing area is needed to be washed out, cleaned and rinsed. If the piercing is in a mouth, then rinsing is required.

During the process of healing, you are not allowed to change the accessory. Once the piercing placement is totally healed, you can buy more expensive ring/stud and use it.


Our studio takes care for the customers, therefore we have to inform you about different piercing consequences. Usually, there are no consequences, if you responsibly follow the instructions during the healing process. In a case some problems with piercing appear, you need to see a doctor.