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Art 79 Tattoo studio – is a creative workshop, where anything is possible!

Art 79 Tattoo Studio – is a creative workshop, but not an ordinary organization, where you can make a tattoo. Our artists are passionate about their work, thus they are very responsible for the performance of tasks at hand. Come to us and sense the aura, it will lead you to believe that exactly at Art 79 Studio you’ll have your first or just another tattoo. We bet you’ll be satisfied!

Why do people come to the Art 79?

Treat responsibly your choice of a tattoo studio. The more so it is your first tattoo. We call your attention to the peculiarities of our studio. With the obtained information you will prove yourself the truth of your choice. 

Guidance before/after the procedure. Our artists won’t start the procedure of a tattoo drawing until all the nuances won’t be learned and specified. The client can get all the disturbing questions answered during the consultation. An artist can advise and help to choose a tattoo placement, and also give recommendations concerning the work fulfillment. Each customer gets written and oral aftercare guidance after the session.   

Attractive price. We bid a fair and attractive price for a tattoo. Charge for work depends on different things, so the final bid will be named after the consultation. 

Professional artists’ team. Artists at Art 79 Tattoo Studio – is a creative team, for which any task is well within its range! Our masters work in different styles and can cope with varying difficulty level. A hallmark of our studio is a responsible approach to the fulfillment of the tasks. An artist won’t take up the work in a case you are not sure or don’t know what you want exactly. This is because a tattoo is for a lifetime! 

Responsibility. We do not work with people under 18 and people with alcohol and drug intoxication. 

Safety. Arguably, the most important thing during the tattoo procedure – is total safety. We use only disposable instrument and proven materials at our studio. We care not only about our fair name, but also about the health of our clients!

If you’ve decided to have a tattoo, then come to Art 79 Tattoo Studio!



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