In this article we’ll try to answer the most widespread questions about tattoos

If you are going to visit a tattoo studio for the first time, then various questions are likely to become. This article will help you to find the answers to the questions regarding tattooing. If there is no answer to your question, you may call us or come for a consult. 

How much does a tattoo cost?

People often ask such questions, when they come with ready-made work samples. Our studio stipulates payment on an hour basis, thus the answer to the raised question depends on the immensity and complexity of work. While consulting, an artist can tell you how much your design costs.

I want to get a tattoo, but haven’t decided yet. What can you advise?

An artist, of course, can advise you, but not choose the design instead of you. Remember that it is you, who will wear the tattoo. First, an artist advises you not to rush with the choice, but to peruse variants of tattoo styles and decide which style you are prone to, etc. A tattoo is a permanent thing, therefore you have to be sure of your own choice. Besides, you have to look out only for your preference while choosing a tattoo. It is strongly recommended not to blindly follow fashion trends or look up to friends. 

Does it hurt?

No artist can answer this question. In this case everything is individually. The intensity level of pain may depend on person’s pain limit and tattoo location. 

Can you make me a temporary tattoo?

Remember that there are no temporary tattoos. In the net, there is a lot of information about tattoos for a term of 3, 5, 10 years. Please, bear in mind that such information is provided by swindlers, who want to get your money. 

How to choose an appropriate tattoo placement?

Choosing a location for a tattoo is important. In case of rules disregarding you are likely to be unsatisfied with the final result. For more information regarding tattoo placement see here.

Is the procedure safe?

Getting a tattoo in the professional tattoo studios is safe. Our studio is concerned about safety and health of our clients. All the reusable instruments are sterilized while the disposable ones are thrown out. Note that the disposable instruments are always opened in the presence of a client. For more details, see the chapter “Safety”.

Is the consultation charged?

No, the consultation is totally free in the Art 79 tattoo studio.