Recently, permanent makeup has become very popular among women.

Recently, permanent makeup has become very popular among women. However, it is required to peruse this type of makeup responsibly, before undergoing the procedure. The obtained knowledge will assist you to decide whether to get a procedure or not.

Permanent makeup is a procedure that allows you to dispose of everyday tiresome cosmetic routine. This manipulation contemplates implanting of special pigment pieces in the first dermis layer of skin to provide makeup occurrence within 3-5 years. Then you need a correction. This technology helps you to spare the time on conducting cosmetic operations as well as to conceal face defects. Thanks to permanent makeup, you will look your best at any time.

The peculiarities and benefits of permanent makeup:

  • No need to put on makeup every day;
  • Makeup isn’t washed up;
  • Permanent makeup is a way to make natural moles and freckles.

What is cosmetic tattooing/permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing is a method of contouring lips, eyes and eyebrows. Method of color correction allows getting the desired result almost without pain and skin injures. This procedure is often referred to medical processes. Our studio guarantees safe operation. 

Procedure results

Eye’s permanent makeup. Permanent eye makeup allows you to forget about an ordinary eye makeup once and forever. You will look your best at any time. Tattooing helps you to highlight the eye edge. Visually, it is possible to enhance the size of the eyes as well as reduce it. Shading a lash line gives an opportunity to make the eyes more expressive.

Eyebrow’s permanent makeup. Permanent eyebrow makeup can be performed with various techniques (entirely replicate the natural eyebrows or apply delicate strokes). Our artist will suggest you which shape and thickness to choose. 

Lip’s permanent makeup. Permanent lip makeup helps lips to become more defined. Through the use of tattooing, it is possible to enhance lips, restore their color and make them fuller.  

Defects correction. Due to permanent makeup you may conceal such congenital deformities, as:

  • Alopecia (loss of eyelashes and eyebrows);
  • “Harelip”;
  • Face traumas.


Permanent makeup after-care

It is required to follow definite rules of care, after the procedure is done. Otherwise, the healing process will be painful and other problems may appear. In the process of tattoo healing, it is necessary to devote 10-15 minutes for after-care procedures every day. 

Regardless of the selected tattoo type (lips, eyes, eyebrows), the areas are prohibited to wet within one day. It is advised not to do sport and avoid strenuous exercises during the first week. Within this period of time, cosmetic products are not recommended to apply on the areas, where the procedure has been done, for fear of infection. 

It is forbidden to sunbathe and visit sun bed for 20-25 days. Once this period expires, these procedures are safe and allowed.

During the first month after the procedure, it is necessary to refrain from visiting bath houses, saunas and swimming pools. While attending such places, the pores are enlarging and the pigment is fading.

If the skin area of permanent makeup is dry, it is allowed to use a baby lotion or a lotion containing vitamin E.

Eye’s permanent makeup after-care. Lips demand the most difficult care. During the first 3 days, it is needed to take anti-herpes drugs. An artist will indicate which particular drugs to take. It is not recommended to wet the lips within one day. From the 3rd till the 5th day you are required to apply the lip-balm containing vitamin E.

Eye’s permanent makeup after-care. Care for the eyes after the procedure is considered to be the easiest. It is necessary to wash a tattoo with chlorhexidine every two hours within a day. Scabs are not allowed to skim!

Eyebrow’s permanent makeup after-care. On the first day you need to wash eyebrows with a cotton pad moistened in chlorhexidine liquid. The liquid can be substituted with boiled water. First, the eyebrow color may seem to be pale, however, it will come out within 7-14 days.

The final result will depend on an appropriate care for the permanent makeup healing!